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Item number: GZ-1608-3

Applicable area: 10-20 square meters (㎡)

Water tank capacity: less than 1 liter

Dehumidification capacity: less than 1 liter/hour

Rated voltage: 100-240 (V)

Rated frequency: 50 (Hz)

Rated power: 25 (W)

Maximum dehumidification volume: 300ml

Dehumidification rate : 200- 300ml/24 hours

Body volume: 150*125*2 10mm

Water tank capacity: 800ml

Applicable area: 10-30m'

Water tank environment: 15C < 40C more than 45% humidity

Adapter power supply is 100-240V universal voltage

Our water tank is still a large 800ml water tank, generally only 500ml, which is 1.6 times larger.

Our fan is a silent fan, which is much quieter than the general one.


Through careful design and experimentation, using the floating touch switch design of the water bottle full of water, the machine will stop working, and the automatic power-off will be realized when the water is full.


One-button start

Simple to use, just press the start button to dehumidify, save time and be smarter.


Silent noise reduction

Large air duct inlet and outlet design, smooth air circulation and reduced wind resistance, making the dehumidifier work more quietly. Mute drop ≤30dB

Semiconductor refrigeration technology

Model is 12703 , 40*40mm

The specifications are small and cheap. The standard laboratory parameters are 250ML for 24 hours. The space is 2 square meters, and the humidity is 95% and the temperature is 25°C. Dehumidification capacity reaches 250ML ./24H


800ml large capacity water tank

The 800ml capacity can effectively solve the problem of frequent water full, and you can clean the water in the water tank from time to time when you don't need it, and you can clean it according to the indicator light.


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