Video Conference Fill Light Mobile Computer Live Light Photography Convenient Pocket Light

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Type: Portable video light

Conference fill light

Follow the shadows to release the wonderful

Online video, live broadcast, conference, teaching fill light


Performance and appearance details

Remodeling and upgrading

High brightness/good color rendering/more functions/smaller size

Faster cooling / easier operation


Performance and appearance details

Multi-purpose machine for a wide range of applications

Let your visual presentation create more possibilities


Performance and appearance details

Multi-segment color temperature adjustment

High brightness and soft color temperature accuracy in one step through light source output

Realistic display of product texture and details


Belong to eye light

Soft and not dazzling

Focus on live LED lighting, the picture is clearer and more natural

Applicable to live broadcasts, conferences, video calls, etc.


Strong clip is sturdy and easy to use

Using high-quality clips, clip directly on the computer, not easy to fall

Compatible with various computers and iPads, etc.


Strong battery life with large capacity

Built-in 2100mAh lithium battery, 2-10 hours long battery life


White LED: 32pcs

Yellow LED: 32pcs

Working power: 3.7V

Power : 6W

Brightness: 850LUX /0.3m

Lighting angle : 120°

Color temperature: 2500K-6500K soil 200K

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Lighting distance : 3~6m

Product size: 70*85*25

Battery life: 

Maximum brightness > 2 hours

CRI > 90

Minimum brightness > 10 hours





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